21 Accounting Interview Questions to Ask

questions on financial accounting

Accounting software to manage your books is a good middle ground between recording transactions by hand and having an accountant do it all. Using software streamlines the way you track incoming and outgoing money and helps continually organize your books. With software, you can automate your recordkeeping responsibilities, then hand over your books to an accountant for the more complicated accounting requirements (e.g., tax preparation). We’ll try to answer them (and more) by going over 18 common accounting questions and answers.

questions on financial accounting

The revenue recognition principle dictates the process and timing by which revenue is recorded and recognized as an item in the financial statements based on certain criteria (e.g., transfer of ownership). The matching principle dictates that the timing of expenses be matched to the period in which they are incurred, as opposed to when they are actually paid. Negative working capital is common in some industries, such as grocery retail and the restaurant business. For a grocery store, customers pay upfront, inventory moves relatively quickly, but suppliers often give 30 days (or more) credit. This means that the company receives cash from customers before it needs the cash to pay suppliers. Negative working capital is a sign of efficiency in businesses with low inventory and accounts receivable.

Income Statement

Here’s a selection of five general financial accounting interview questions from the list above, along with sample answers you can use as a guide when interviewing candidates. Once you’re comfortable with their remote readiness and get through all the accounting interview questions and answers, reflect on what you’ve learned about the candidate’s soft skills. Do you have a good sense of the potential hire’s level of empathy, tact and diplomacy, for example? Even if you’ve conducted a remote interview, you should have an impression of their personality and their ability to express themselves. If you’re interviewing for a financial accountant job, you’ll likely be asked a variety of questions about your experience and your understanding of financial concepts. You’ll also need to be able to answer questions about the company’s financial statements.

It has been extremely beneficial to me understanding the concepts presented in the lectures and how to apply them to specific situations. I also love the ease of creating and navigating through all of the tests that I have created. Martin Pharmaceutical Co. will not record an expense for the $20 million class-action suit because it is only a reasonably possible contingent loss (Choices C and D).

What are the five basic accounting principles?

Martin will not record income of $5 million for the false advertising lawsuit because it is a contingent gain (Choice B). Therefore, Martin will report $0 with respect to these transactions. A journal entry is made in connection https://turbo-tax.org/claiming-the-making-work-pay-tax-credit/ with a government entity’s acquisition of capital assets, goods, or services when a purchase order is placed with a vendor. The amount recorded is an estimate of the expenditure and is known as an encumbrance.

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When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention one or two specific aspects of finance that interest you and explain why you find them interesting. With accurate and organized books, along with the proper guidance and knowledge, you can handle your small business’s taxes. Check out these questions about accounting and answers related to taxes.

Errors can be detrimental in accounting. How do you reduce the chance that you’ll make a mistake?

Now that you have a strategy to answer accounting interview questions, you might be feeling pretty pumped. Nailing behavioral interview questions typically requires a two-step approach. With that approach, you can turn your interview answers into compelling stories, making them tons more engaging than your typical response. While every accounting role can be a bit different, much of what the hiring managers want to find is the same.

Screening out unqualified applicants is much easier with a pre-employment skills assessment, as it takes much less time and effort on your side, compared to interviews. You can then select the best candidates based on their test results and invite them to an interview. Members of financial accounting can carry several different professional designations.

ACCA FA Practice Questions

Employers ask this question to make sure you have experience with audits and know how to perform them. In your answer, explain what types of audits you’ve performed in the past and why they were necessary. This question is a great way to determine what your interests are in the financial accounting field. It also allows you to show the interviewer that you have an idea of what areas of finance are important and why they’re important.

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For example, I may describe a ledger as a record-keeping system that’s not unlike a database, as most people are familiar with databases, at least conceptually. In many cases, accounting professionals need to convey complex concepts to stakeholders that don’t work in accounting. As a result, the hiring manager wants to know that you can do so effectively. Prepare your answer by making a list of accounting processes with which you are familiar, including complex accounting procedures, such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Write down examples of how these processes work in real-world business situations.

Tips and resources for your accounting job search

How a candidate responds will help reveal their ability in identifying mistakes or omissions. With NetSuite, you go live in a predictable timeframe — smart, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there’s continuity from sales to services to support. As we all know, the basic accounting equation is the foundation of accounting, so you better know this well.

  • They may also mention that they could calculate the percentage of bad debt by dividing the bad debt amount by the total accounts receivable and multiplying this by 100.
  • Keep in mind that you probably need to offer an incentive if you want crowdfunding to be effective (think about company-branded swag, early access to products, or personal shoutouts!).
  • If you have experience using multiple types of accounting software, explain why each one is beneficial for businesses.

It is a general ledger account of a company that records its obligations, debt, customer prepayments, deferred income taxes, etc. that are a result of the past transactions done by the company. The term dual aspect means every transaction that you carry out has two aspects, i.e., it affects two accounts in their respective opposite sides. For example, to make a purchase, you have to give cash in exchange for the product or service you avail and when you sell something you get the money in exchange for the sale you make. So in short, losing and receiving money are the two aspects of a financial transaction. Before we dig into the actual accountant interview questions you’ll tee off against, let’s spend a moment on something that’s equally important.

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